Weekend Reading, 4/28/16: Johnson, Bomberger, French

Here’s a week’s-end selection of my three favorite recent posts from other blogs, to be sampled after you’re caught up on Leaven for the Loaf.

David French: In Tennessee, a Federal Judge Disenfranchises Pro-Life Voters (nationalreview.com)

“No one should ever doubt the Left’s commitment to abortion. For the sake of preserving the right to kill an unborn child, the Left will sacrifice democracy and even reason itself. Pro-life lawyers have a term for liberal judges’ tendency to twist the Constitution for the cause of death — the ‘abortion distortion.’ The latest example comes from Nashville, Tenn., where an Obama-appointee federal judge just wrote perhaps the least credible judicial opinion I’ve ever read.” Read the rest of the post…

Ryan Bomberger of the Radiance Foundation on the hostility he faced when he spoke at Harvard recently (townhall.com)

“It was surreal to hear the mocking laughter, jeers, and mistimed finger snapping from predominantly black students throughout my brief 15-minute presentation. I shared my personal story, dispelled the myth of the ‘unwanted’ child, talked about more black babies being aborted than born alive in NYC (1,180 aborted for every 1,000 born alive), highlighted the 330,000 unarmed black lives aborted each year, and provided historical and statistical context to the issue. It was obvious the more vocal ‘prochoice’ students didn’t want context; they wanted confusion.” Read the rest of the post… [Editor’s note: Mr. Bomberger’s post refers to “seven white men” on the Supreme Court who signed onto Roe v. Wade. In fact, six of those Justices were white; the seventh was Thurgood Marshall, first African-American Supreme Court Justice.]

Abby Johnson tells Georgetown students “No one is beyond conversion” (Matt Hadro, angelusnews.com)

“I just kept thinking you know, I believe that one day – I have faith – that one day it won’t be me standing here speaking and defending the sanctity of human life. I believe that one day it will be Cecile Richards standing here.” Read the rest of the post…


Wanted: you!

Gifts collected at the 40DFL baby shower will go to four agencies in Greater Manchester.
Photo by Ellen Kolb

There’s a page on this blog under the “Links” tab that doesn’t get much traffic, but it’s too important to take down: “Crisis Pregnancy Resources in New Hampshire”. “Crisis” doesn’t really reflect the ongoing assistance these agencies provide long after a crisis point is passed. I might have to change that page title.

I know many of my readers already support these pro-life ministries. Others may be looking for new ways to get involved. This is for you.

I’ve heard from two of these agencies in recent weeks about volunteer and donation needs. Where can you help?

From Pennacook Pregnancy Center in Manchester, 603-206-5306: Their number-one need is volunteers who can commit to a three-hour shift one day per week. A minimum of 15 hours of in-house training is provided.  Pennacook Pregnancy Center will also  provide training for sidewalk counselors; contact the center for more information.

Also from Pennacook: “Diapers, wipes. baby clothes and accessories are always appreciated.” I’ll take the liberty of saying that’s true for every center listed on the resources page. 

From Birthright of Manchester’s latest newsletter: “As a new venture…individual parishes have been holding Diaper Drives for Birthright! These drives have proven to be very successful and defray the exorbitant cost of purchasing diapers.”

What do you say to a Mother’s Day flower sale? That’s a Birthright fundraiser. Look for volunteers outside your church on May 8. Want more information about setting up a sale at your own church? Go back to that Resources page and phone your nearest Birthright. Even if it’s late to plan for this year, Mother’s Day will be back next year – and so will Birthright.

Birthright of Manchester’s wish list is probably similar to what other pregnancy care centers are looking for: baby wipes & baby wash, crib sheets in neutral colors, receiving blankets, onesies, socks, sleepers, play outfits (Birthright Manchester is looking for sizes 3-9 months; clients at your nearest pregnancy care center might have different needs), disposable diapers (especially sizes 1-5), and new or gently used spring and summer clothing for children through size 3T.

For any center: can you answer phones? Sew, knit or crochet layette items? Do you have medical, legal or educational expertise that could benefit centers and the clients they serve? Would you like to learn what it takes to be a board member? Call a pro-life pregnancy care center near you and ask about volunteer opportunities.

When you contact a pro-life pregnancy care center, ask to be put on their email contact list and make sure you know if they have a Facebook page. Those are the best ways to stay abreast of urgent needs and scheduled fundraisers.

I’m haunted by something I was told by a pregnancy care center director recently: “kids aren’t being read to.” Books for pre-schoolers will not go to waste at a center that helps support young parents. Our Place (with three New Hampshire locations) has an annual project that’s dear to my heart, collecting children’s books late in the year for distribution to clients at the agency’s Christmas party.

No need to think that a donation has to be big to be helpful. A baby shower can be as simple as meeting a few friends for coffee, with each person bringing a baby item to be delivered to a pregnancy care center. Yes, I’ve done this. It’s simple, it’s local, and friends with coffee are involved. What’s not to like?

No one can do everything; everyone can do something. Thank you for all you do, now and always, to make it easier for people to choose life.


Reminder: seeking sponsors for Care Net’s Walk for Life

You may have seen this already on Leaven’s Twitter and Facebook feeds. I want to be sure I don’t miss any readers!
April is coming to a close, and with it Leaven’s 4-year “blogiversary” celebration. I have one more thing on the anniversary to-do list: participate in the May 7 Walk for Life to benefit Care Net of Manchester and Nashua.

The Walk is only eleven days away, and my goal of raising $400 for Care Net is within reach. Can’t walk at the Manchester or Nashua event yourself? Let me do it for you, and let’s work together! I’m $173 away from my goal, and here’s how you can help:

Donate $2 (the price of a package of baby wipes)…
Or $6 (the price of a package of diapers)…
Or $10 (enough for a package of receiving blankets)…
Or $50 (to help Care Net buy a new car seat for a family).

Of course, if you’re doing the event yourself, I wish you well as you gather sponsors. I won’t do any poaching. See you on the 7th – and THANK YOU!

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