Update: pregnancy care center donation info

My email newsletter to blog subscribers on #GivingTuesday included as many online donation links as I could find for New Hampshire’s pro-life pregnancy & parenting centers. (Missed it? Catch up!) I missed an important one: Birthright of Manchester. My thanks to the board member who has filled me in on the donation link.


N.H. House Republicans back Jasper for Speaker again

Breaking news: Speaker of the New Hampshire House Shawn Jasper of Hudson is all but certain to be returned to the post for the 2017-18 term, as House Republicans caucusing this afternoon to choose a Speaker cast 109 votes for Jasper to 104 for Rep. Laurie Sanborn of Bedford.

The full House will vote on a Speaker on Organization Day, December 7. Traditionally, the majority party’s choice in caucus prevails that day.That doesn’t always happen, though. After Republicans were sharply divided in caucus two years ago,  Jasper won the Speakership on Organization Day with help from Democrats.


Links from featured speaker for 2017 N.H. March for Life

New Hamphire’s March for Life in Concord is a little less than seven weeks away.  New Hamphire Right to Life has invited Jennifer Lahl to be the keynote speaker at the post-March gathering on January 14.

Ms. Lahl, a nurse by training, is an expert in bioethics. Here are links to two of her articles on bioethics issues. They make me look forward to hearing more from her in January.

Three-Parent Embryos: Harming Women to Save Lives (Public Discourse, 2/26/15)

[Excerpt:]  I am often asked, isn’t egg donation like organ donation? In organ donation, the donor assumes risks to his or her own health in order to save another person’s life, someone who is sick and dying. Like organs, eggs are a non-replenishable resource. A woman is born with all the eggs she will have, unlike sperm, which is a replenishable resource. And for all the hundreds of thousands of eggs a woman is born with, only a few hundred will ever go through ovulation. However, the purpose of egg donation is importantly different, and therefore, it is not analogous to organ donation.

In egg donation, the recipient of the egg donor’s gametes is not sick or unhealthy—not a patient, but a consumer, purchasing a woman’s eggs for reproductive or research purposes. Society rightfully condemns selling or paying for organs. This prevents abuses and saves lives. In contrast, the large sums of money offered to egg donors exploit their need for money. Simply put, financial incentives impede freely given, truly informed consent. 

Read the full article here.

Some Choices You Don’t Get to Make: What’s Wrong With Me Before You (Public Discourse, 6/10/16):

[Excerpt from article about a film that casts a favorable light on assisted suicide:] The title of the film—Me Before You—is curious. It left me wondering whether the message was meant to be that “me and my needs come before you and your needs.” If so, then this story is indeed a tale of autonomy run amok—a result of the radical and ludicrous idea that we do not live connected to, dependent upon, or in relationship with others. Lou pushed against this idea, clearly seeing the two of them together in relationship, deeply connected to one another just as they were. But Will could not accept his new condition or see beyond it to the importance of the relationships he had with others.

Read the full article here. 


A Thanksgiving Psalm

May all who read this have a peaceful Thanksgiving!

Psalm 100

A psalm of thanksgiving.
Shout joyfully to the LORD, all you lands;

serve the LORD with gladness;
come before him with joyful song.

Know that the LORD is God,
he made us, we belong to him,
we are his people, the flock he shepherds.

Enter his gates with thanksgiving,
his courts with praise.
Give thanks to him, bless his name.

good indeed is the LORD,
His mercy endures forever,
his faithfulness lasts through every generation.

(New American Bible, Revised Edition)

French Culture Takes a Nosedive

Something I just posted at DaTechGuy blog:

In France, a video promoting the value and worth of the lives of people with Down Syndrome has been declared inappropriate because it might cause psychic pain to a woman who has chosen to terminate a pregnancy due to fetal anomaly of one kind or another.

In France, the score is right-not-to-be-offended 1, right-to-life 0.

Read the whole post over at DaTechGuy – and at the same link, watch the wonderful two-minute video that French broadcasters and the State Council can’t quite tolerate.


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