“Planned Bullyhood” author running for U.S. Senate

Karen Handel, candidate for U.S. Senate from Georgia
Karen Handel, candidate for U.S. Senate from Georgia

Interesting news from Georgia: Karen Handel is running for U.S. Senate. Handel was once an executive with the Susan G. Komen Foundation. I wrote on the blog last year about how big-time pressure from Planned Parenthood led to Komen reversing a decision that would have discontinued Foundation grants to PP. Handel was thrown under the figurative bus as part of Komen’s effort to pacify PP.

Basic book alert! If you haven’t read Planned Bullyhood, Handel’s account of the whole sorry PP/Komen chain of events, I recommend it. Anyone concerned with women’s health and public policy ought to hear from Handel. (The book was published in 2012 by Howard Books; ISBN 978-1451697940.)

So – what Senate race do you think the abortion-advocacy PACs & 527s will target most heavily next year? Until today, I would have thought protecting Sen. Jeanne Shaheen’s seat would be their #1 concern. Not anymore.

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