“Conscience be damned” as HHS mandate finalized today

The Obama Administration has finalized plans to implement the HHS mandate, ignoring challenges on First Amendment grounds from numerous businesses, agencies, and individuals.

I’ll report more on this in coming days. Meantime, I recommend this link by Kathryn Lopez: http://ow.ly/mufez

2 thoughts on ““Conscience be damned” as HHS mandate finalized today

  1. […] The HHS Mandate, part of the regulations accompanying Obamacare, raised religious liberty issues as soon as it was announced in early 2012. The Administration made what it called an “accommodation” with religious employers, with the definition of “religious employer” left to the federal government. When that proved insufficient to meet the concerns of Americans who take their religious liberty seriously, the Administration tweaked its “accommodations” further, until finally last June the Mandate was declared “final.” […]

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