Day of Remembrance for the Unborn

mtcalvary-monument-to-unborn-a mtcalvary-mounument-to-unborn-bSeveral national pro-life groups have set aside the second Saturday in September as a day of remembrance each year for children lost to abortion.

Some churches in my area, including my own, have a small monument or marker on church property in remembrance of children who die before birth, not just from abortion but also from stillbirth or miscarriage. The monument at Mount Calvary  cemetery in Manchester, New Hampshire is large enough to be covered with names on one side – the names of preborn children whose parents recognize their humanity, who recognize that the death of a  preborn child is a loss.

My husband and I have lost three children through miscarriage. That’s probably why I felt such a wrench inside when I first saw the monument in Manchester. The loss is personal, yet it was comforting to see a tangible sign that we’re not alone in recognizing that our miscarriages were not simply medical events. Every time I visit the cemetery, a voice inside me says somebody understands. 

For every name on that monument, who knows how many unnamed children are mourned there by post-abortive women who stop by for silent prayer?

Join those women this weekend, in spirit if not in person. Remember their children.


Author: Ellen Kolb

New Hampshire-based writer, activist, hiker.