2016 NH House/Senate to convene in three weeks

State House, Concord NH
State House, Concord NH (photo by Ellen Kolb)

The New Hampshire General Court – those state-level reps and senators – are just under three weeks away from their first 2016 sessions. The festivities will begin on Wednesday, January 6.

Efforts to repeal the so-called buffer zone law haven’t ended. I’ll be watching HB 1570, co-sponsored by ten House members who respect the First Amendment. I’ve been covering New Hampshire’s buffer zone development since 2013, and you can review those posts for a history of how New Hampshire managed not only to pass an apparently unconstitutional law but also how legislators have thus far refused to repeal it. HB 1570 offers another chance to do the right thing.

Rep. Leon Rideout’s fetal homicide bill was re-referred to Senate committee last May. Its prospects are uncertain. You’ll recall that Sen. Regina Birdsell’s version failed when a House/Senate conference committee could not come to agreement on language. That was a bruising debate among legislators. Whether those bruises are healed will be a big factor in what happens to Rideout’s version. Find this blog’s coverage of fetal homicide bills since 2012 here.

Those bills are only two of many. Bookmark the legislative web site, which will be a valuable resource throughout the session. Bookmark Leaven for the Loaf as well; I’ll be keeping an eye on things.

Coming soon on Leaven for the Loaf: House/Senate voting records on selected 2015 bills.

Author: Ellen Kolb

New Hampshire-based writer, pro-life activist, hiker.