A little more insurance information

I wrote recently about the decision I need to make regarding health insurance next year, and my question about whether it’s possible to get health insurance without “buying into” the abortion industry at the same time.

Thanks to the work of the Charlotte Lozier Institute¬†and the Family Research Council, there’s a new web site called obamacareabortion.com. The two groups have made a great effort to find out which health plans in each state cover abortion. The federal government and the “Affordable” Care Act itself aren’t being transparent about this information.

In some cases, like New Hampshire, there’s still too much mystery. I’m grateful that I’m not the only one trying to solve it.

I’ll be looking over the web site tonight. There’s a New Hampshire page. There’s also an overall summary in PDF form. Help yourself.

Author: Ellen Kolb

New Hampshire-based writer, activist, hiker.

2 thoughts on “A little more insurance information”

  1. *Harvard Pilgrim (8): All plans cover elective abortion (2015 plan documents)
    is the information in the NH section of this post you’ve sent. I’m wondering if Dartmouth Hitchcock, linked closely with CMC in so many ways, is actively endorsing/promoting all of these Harvard Pilgrim plans? I’ve received two letters recently from Dartmouth Hitchcock’s Barbara Walters, DO Executive Medical Director, Accountable Care that offer seminars and information about Harvard Pilgrim Health Care’s Medicare Advantage Plan Stride (HMO)……”a Medicare advantage plan we accept here at Dartmouth Hitchcock.”

    1. Dartmouth Hitchcock has always accepted Harvard Pilgrim as far as I know (D-H has been my family’s provider for years). I doubt that will change. You have an interesting question about promotion by CMC!

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