A note on covering elections

Candidates are filing for office, and the November election is only a little over five months away. I’ll watch, report, opine, and otherwise keep an eye on what’s happening.

And I won’t think for one minute that politics is the most important pro-life work out there.

I know that the most basic pro-life work is love and personal ministry. Our lives – yours, mine, people who’ll never hear of this blog – are spent caring for and respecting kids and parents and partners and neighbors in ways that never make headlines.

I love meeting the people who provide direct support to women in crisis pregnancies and who continue to support families after the babies arrive. I am in awe of the post-abortive women who now counsel other women who regret abortions. I’ll continue to write about people who go to abortion facilities to give peaceful witness for life.

Even so, politics is going to get a lot of attention from me in the coming months. Longtime readers will not be surprised by this. New readers (welcome!) might wonder why I’m drawn to the messiness of public policy.

Political decisions affect lives, that’s why. The very right to life is in dispute among elected officials. The debates that helped inspire the creation of this blog are as sharp as ever.

So fair warning: I’m in election mode.

The filing period for state and federal offices in New Hampshire begins today and runs through June 10. The primary is scheduled for September 13; the general election will be November 8.

Let the campaigns begin.


Author: Ellen Kolb

New Hampshire-based writer, pro-life activist, hiker.