A way to support survivors who choose life

“I couldn’t imagine anything worse than co-parenting with my attacker.”

Shauna Prewitt said that to a New Hampshire Senate committee earlier this year. She’s an attorney, a rape survivor, and a mother. Her child was conceived through rape. Prewitt chose life. She was shocked when her attacker sought parental rights, and he dropped his request only after she agreed to stop seeking his conviction. That was years ago, and Prewitt now works to make sure no other woman will wind up in the same situation.

Prewitt was in New Hampshire in February to support Senate Bill 253. It would provide for termination of parental rights in cases where a parent has pled guilty to or is convicted of rape of the birth parent. The bill also provides that if parental rights have not been terminated in such cases, the court shall not require contact between the child and parent under RSA 461-a.

It’s May now. The Senate has just asked the House for a conference committee on SB 253. Let’s hope they come to terms soon.



Author: Ellen Kolb

New Hampshire-based writer, activist, hiker.

3 thoughts on “A way to support survivors who choose life”

  1. Thank you for the kind words, Janine. I’m going to mention your report about Florida in a post I’m working on today. This bill just might have consequences the sponsors didn’t foresee. And if they foresee an end to public witness, that’s absolutely delusional thinking.

    Thank you for the work you’ve done!

  2. Hi!

    I am a native of NH, and although I now live in Florida I like to be kept informed of what is happening in my home state. Thank you for all that you provide on this web sight. I really appreciate it. I especially appreciate any information regarding the defense of the pre-born as I am active here with trying to speak with those confused mothers about to enter the abortion facility, and destroy the innocent life within them, as well as, possible irreversible harm to themselves.

    I was in Manchester approx. a year ago, and gave a two day class on how to speak, and counsel the young mothers and their escorts. While there, I learned about the ‘buffer’ zone issue, and have been very interested on how it would turn out. I’m sorry that the vote ended the freedom to speak on a public sidewalk for the health, and safety of mother and child.

    In Florida, about 25 years ago, they tried to do the same thing. A pastor named Ed Martin held a news conference, and told them if they chose to pass this buffer, and they were forced to stand in front of other businesses like the Rite Aid, or a Deli, then they would take their graphic signs and stand outside of Disney World. Within one hour of that press conference he received a call from the state commission saying they shelved the issue. It seems Disney put pressure on the Senator who then put pressure on the State. Perhaps there’s some wisdom in this, and Manchester could take this to the media, and mention the Verizon Center? Food for thought. :)

    God Bless You for what you’re doing. Keep up the great work! :)


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