ACLU vs. religious liberty, what “pro-life” looks like to opponents, and more: pick of the web

Pick of the web this week:

Check out “What America Thinks,” from the Rasmussen Report. The 8-minute video is on the Most Recent Videos page, from 6/30/13. Kristina Arriaga of the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty is interviewed along with Daniel Mach of the ACLU.

Pro-life activist Jill Stanek got an illuminating interview from Robin Marty, a pro-choice political reporter. Find out what the pro-life movement looks like to one abortion advocate in “How Abortion Proponents View Current Pro-Life Tactics.”

Here in New Hampshire, Cornerstone (disclosure: I work with this group) would like to know what kind of correspondence preceded the hiring by the state Department of Health and Human Services of a former VP of Planned Parenthood of Northern New England. See Union Leader coverage here. This right-to-know request has elicited a “witch hunt” accusation by the chair of the NH Democratic party. No word on what he thinks of RSA 91-A, the right to know law, which presumes that public business should be conducted publicly. No witches here.

I’ll feature this in a Leaven post next week, but a quick heads-up: 40 Days for Life is coming up again in September. Informational webcast next Tuesday, July 16: sign up at

I hope you’ll enjoy your weekend!

Author: Ellen Kolb

New Hampshire-based writer, pro-life activist, hiker.