Another defensive election race: Governor

Walt Havenstein ( photo)
Walt Havenstein ( photo)

One office, two candidates, both self-identified “pro-choice.” Welcome to New Hampshire’s 2014 election. I’m not thinking about the Senate race, though. This is about Maggie Hassan and Walt Havenstein and who’s going to be the next Governor of the Granite State.

Hassan: see “buffer zone” and “EMILY’s List.” There’s more, but that’s plenty.

I had a chance to ask Walt Havenstein one question recently: if a repeal of the buffer zone law were to land on his desk, would he sign it? His answer was yes.

There was no time for followup questions in the situation. Would he sign a Massachusetts-style repeal-and-replace, or would he just be happy with straight repeal? A lot would depend on what passed out of the House and Senate first, I imagine. All I could take away from our one Q & A was a sense of relief and the knowledge that he hasn’t been conditioned to put the wishes of abortion providers ahead of the First Amendment.

I’m casting my vote in this race as a defensive one, as I plan to do in the Senate race, because the incumbents need to be retired. Defense feels pretty good when its success means stepping away from a law so awful that even the people who sponsored it and fought to pass it aren’t willing to demand its enforcement. Just get the wretched law off the books.

Author: Ellen Kolb

New Hampshire-based writer, pro-life activist, hiker.

2 thoughts on “Another defensive election race: Governor”

  1. I can’t agree. I appreciate Walt’s willingness to at least listen to lifers and some of the concessions he has made, but he hasn’t made them publicly, which to me is like not making them at all. Assuming Walt wins the governor’s office, how long will it be before he can be unseated to put a real conservative in? One who actually stands proudly on the GOP platform instead of paying it lip service and sweeping parts of it under the carpet when convenient (as the NH GOP has done with the new platform since the convention, holding their base at arm’s length after they overwhelmingly voted in PERSONHOOD)? I’m writing in Andrew Hemingway knowing full well that social conservatives will have to go through 2 more years of hell, but hoping that maybe if the NH GOP puts truly conservative leaders up who will accurately represent the conservative base, we can have a better 2016.

    1. You make a good point about future elections. We need to start recruiting and encouraging candidates NOW if we are to see stronger top-of-the-ballot choices in ’16 and beyond. As for NHGOP, there might be a shift when donors start sending back those donation appeal letters & attach a note saying “where’s our platform?”

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