Buffer zone repeal House committee vote, 2017

[Update, 2/22/17: the original version of this post listed Rep. Jordan Ulery as absent from the hearing. Rep. Dan Hynes has advised me that Rep. Ulery is no longer on the Judiciary Committee. I regret the error.]

Update, 2/23/17: Well, well, well. Here’s a photo of the official roll call.

The upshot of all those scratched-out checkmarks is 10-7 in favor of “Inexpedient to Legislate” on buffer zone repeal, HB 589. The formal, “official” tally is as follows.

Voting in favor of ITL on HB 589: Reps. Rouillard, Graham (that’s a change from what I heard when the vote was cast), Leavitt, Wall. Horrigan, Berch, Kenison, Keans, DiLorenzo, and Mulligan.

Voting against ITL on HB 589 and therefore supporting peaceful exercise of First Amendment rights: Reps. Hagan, Hopper, Sylvia, Hull, Wuelper, Hynes, and Janvrin. 

Original post below; it has been rendered outdated by the updates above.

The New Hampshire House Judiciary Committee is sending this year’s buffer zone repeal bill to the House floor with an Inexpedient to Legislate (ITL) recommendation. I was present for the vote, and there is some dispute over whether the vote was 10-7 (which is how I tallied it) or 9-8 (which is how the clerk reported it) for ITL on HB 589.

One representative sounded to me like he voted “nyet” on the ITL motion, with the clerk mishearing that as “yes.” (Short “e” came through clearly even if the consonants didn’t.) I believe that was Rep. Jason Janvrin (R-Seabrook), although I could be mistaken; I was looking down at my tally as the roll was being called. If I discover I’m in error about Rep. Janvrin’s intention, I will correct this post.

Any errors in the tally below are mine, and I would appreciate corrections.

The debate was long and produced no new information, although it allowed several reps to reiterate tiresome misinformation. I’ve attended and written about every hearing on the buffer zone and attempts to repeal it, and if you want to know how buffer zone fans defend their law, help yourself to the coverage.

Voting today IN FAVOR of ITL, therefore recommending that the repeal bill be killed: Reps. Claire Rouillard (R-Goffstown; acting committee chair today), Sandra Keans (D-Rochester; committee clerk), John Leavitt (R-Hooksett), Janet Wall (D-Madbury), Timothy Horrigan (D-Durham), Paul Berch (D-Westmoreland), Linda Kenison (D-Concord), Charlotte DiLorenzo (D-Newmarket), Mary Jane Mulligan (D-Hanover). [Update 2/23/17: official tally in photo above indicates Robert Graham of Milton voted in favor of ITL.]

Unclear vote, which I might have misheard as explained above: Rep. Jason Janvrin (R-Seabrook). [Update 2/23/17: Rep. Janvrin voted against the ITL motion.]

Voting AGAINST the ITL motion, therefore supporting the repeal bill: Reps. Gary Hopper (R-Weare), Michael Sylvia (R-Belmont), Robert Hull (R-Grafton), Kurt Wuelper (R-Strafford), Dan Hynes (R-Merrimack), John Mullen (R-Middleton). [Original post listed Robert Graham as voting against ITL, which is what I heard at the vote; the official record in the photo above shows that he is recorded voting the opposite way.]

Absent for the day was Chairman Rep. Joseph Hagan (R-Chester). Rep. Mullen was seated on the committee for the day to replace Rep. Hagan. [This post originally listed Rep. Jordan Ulery as absent; that was an error. Rep. Ulery is a former, not current, member of the Judiciary Committee.]

Author: Ellen Kolb

New Hampshire-based writer, activist, hiker.

4 thoughts on “Buffer zone repeal House committee vote, 2017”

  1. So sorry Jordan Ulery wasn’t there, I’m sure there was a good reason and he probably feels bad about missing the vote. So proud of Kurt Wuelper and John Mullen and all the others who voted to do the right, and constitutional thing. Maybe, just maybe, the House will choose to overturn the committee vote. Praying.

    1. Jordan is no longer on the committee as a democratic rep retired and it needed to be evened out. I will be writing the minority report and speaking for the bill and hope we can get an ought to pass on the house floor.

      1. I hadn’t been aware of Rep. Ulery’s departure from the committee. Thank you for the correction.

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