Buses to 2018 March for Life

This is from the latest issue of Parable magazine, published by the Diocese of Manchester (N.H.). The next March for Life in Washington is five months away, and it’s already time to make plans if you want to get there via bus.

I have no more information than what’s provided here. One note: the 2018 March will be on Friday, January 19. 

September 15, March for Life pre-registrations due:  Every year hundreds of pilgrims from the Diocese of Manchester attend the Annual March for Life in Washington, DC. This year there will be a pre-registration deadline of September 15th requiring a 50% deposit to reserve your spot. This pre-registration guarantees last year’s cost of: $141 (Quad), $150 (Triple), $169 (Double). This price includes: bus, hotel, lunch on the ride down, metro ticket and t-shirt. After pre-registration the price will go up by $10 per person. The second deadline for all registrations is November 15. For more information, contact Valerie Lynn Somers at valerie_lynn_somers@comcast.net or 978.660.9777.


Author: Ellen Kolb

New Hampshire-based writer, activist, hiker.