Credit where it’s due: who voted right on abortion facility licensing and inspection

Subscribers to the blog just received a newsletter with the names of all 211 New Hampshire state representatives who voted “inexpedient to legislate” on HB 1501, the bill that would have brought some transparency to the operations of abortion facilities in the state.(Missed it? Try this link.) The eighty-six representatives who opposed the ITL motion deserve thanks by phone, email, or face-to-face good wishes. Particular thanks should go to the few Democrats who bucked their party on this important issue of women’s health.

Think about it: fewer than 100 representatives supported the bill. The committee report to the House, recommending that the bill be killed, made no mention of the seven doctors who submitted written testimony in support of the bill. This left many reps with the idea that there was no support in the medical community for keeping Gosnells out of New Hampshire. The abortion providers’ claims that they are already under enough oversight carried the day.

Here’s my way of evaluating bills like HB 1501: If Kermit Gosnell were to get out of prison today and come to New Hampshire to set up shop, what would prevent him from doing what he did in Philadelphia? Sadly, the answer is “nothing.”

Not sure who your state representatives are? Look them up here. Many reps unfortunately missed the vote due to weather, illness, or “important business.” Others were present but chose not to vote on the bill. The full roll call link is here.

The 86 who got it right:

Belknap County: Richard Burchell (r), Guy Comtois (r), Jane Cormier (r), Stephen Holmes (r), Robert Luther (r), Franklin Tilton (r), Herbert Vadney (r), Colette Worsman (r)

Carroll County: Glenn Cordelli (r), Bill Nelson (r)

Cheshire County: William Butynski (d)

Coos County: Herbert Richardson (r), Leon Rideout (r)

Grafton County: Ralph Doolan (r)

Hillsborough County: Richard Barry (r), James Belanger (r), Ralph Boehm (r), John Burt (r), John Cebrowski (r), James Coffey (r), Gary Daniels (r), David Danielson (r), Larry Gagne (r), Robert Haefner (r), John Hikel (r), William Infantine (r), Jean Jeudy (d), Donald LeBrun (r), David Murotake (r), Keith Murphy (r), Kelleigh Murphy (r), Mary Nelson (d), Jeanine Notter (r), William O’Brien (r), James Parison (r), Tony Pellegrino (r), Lenette Peterson (r), Andrew Renzullo (r), Robert Rowe (r), Laurie Sanborn (r), Kathleen Souza (r), Moe Villeneuve (r), Robert Willette (r)

Merrimack County: J.R. Hoell (r), Frank Kotowski (r), Carol McGuire (r), Dan McGuire (r)

Rockingham County: Patrick Abrami (r), Al Baldasaro (r), Patrick Bick (r), Regina Birdsell (r), Franklin Bishop (r), Brian Chirichiello (r), Timothy Comerford (r), Romeo Danais (r), Debra DeSimone (r), James Devine (r), Joe Duarte (r), Dudley Dumaine (r), Robert Elliott (r), Robert Fesh (r), Bianca Garcia (r), Marilinda Garcia (r), Richard Gordon (r), Jeffrey Harris (r), Kathleen Hoelzel (r), Daniel Itse (r), Lawrence Kappler (r), David Milz (r), Robert Nigrello (r), John O’Connor (r), Sherman Packard (r), Frederick Rice (r), Frank Sapareto (r), John Sedensky (r), John Sytek (r), Pam Tucker (r), James Webb (r), Kenneth Weyler (r)

Strafford County: Steven Beaudoin (r), James Gray (r), Warren Groen (r), Laura Jones (r), John Mullen (r), Joseph Pitre (r)

Sullivan County: Joe Osgood (r)

Author: Ellen Kolb

New Hampshire-based writer, pro-life activist, hiker.