Et cetera, week ending 11/9/14

Items of note from other blogs and news reports, some national, some local:

Jill Stanek has started what looks like the 400-pound gorilla of life-issues news: a daily digest called the Stanek Report, “created by pro-lifers for pro-lifers.” No original material, but a huge daily collection of links to pro-life news and commentary (à la Drudge Report). I’m bookmarking it for daily reference. If you’re not familiar with Stanek, her bio is here. Her public pro-life ministry began a long time ago, when as a labor & delivery nurse she saw born-alive infants left to die after induced abortions that didn’t quite get the job done. She’s a hero.

Pro-life New Hampshire state senate candidate Kathy Rago is headed for a recount at 9 a.m. next Wednesday against incumbent abortion advocate Andrew Hosmer. The Laconia Daily Sun has the details. No recounts needed for newly-elected  pro-life state senators Gary Daniels, Kevin Avard and Regina Birdsell. Congratulations.

Sheehan mailer
Yield: a ten-point loss.

Oh, and about that Executive Council candidate who boasted of her endorsement by EMILY’s List (and who mischaracterized it as a “women’s advocacy group”): she lost to Dave Wheeler, 55%-45%.

“Across the country, voting for life paid off,” says Americans United for Life. Wendy Davis’s loss in Texas was a big story for the pro-life movement; Ian Tuttle offers a summary. New Hampshire, with its dueling “I’m-pro-choice” U.S. Senate candidates, will see another term for Jeanne Shaheen, and pro-life candidate Marilinda Garcia lost her first bid for a federal office to Congresswoman Ann Kuster, but Frank Guinta has ousted pro-abortion Carol Shea-Porter. Earlier this week on this blog, I looked at state rep results.

Why Pro-Life Campaigns Matter and Why We Have to Keep Running Them”  comes to us from Live Action News.

One more national perspective on the election: Julia Lost by Kevin D. Williamson (who’s worth reading on any topic). “It is one of life’s little ironies that it is the feminists and the party of so-called women’s issues who in the 21st century still have not quite figured out that women are individuals, and that there is more to them than the sum of their parts.”

Are pro-lifers missing opportunities to reach out to abortion-minded women? Kirsten Andersen reports on a study that indicates the answer is yes (from Life Site News).

Something appropriate with Veteran’s Day coming up: a story about the wartime experiences of New Hampshire resident and Korean War veteran Eugene Mercier, from Parable magazine. I met Eugene many years ago when we were both members of the New Hampshire Pro-Life Council.

By and large, assisted suicide supporters had a terrible day at the polls in New England. One example comes from True Dignity Vermont.

Medically-assisted-suicide advocate Brittany Maynard (RIP) took her own life November 2 in a flurry of publicity, much of it favorable. Not Dead Yet worked hard last week to offer a different perspective.

Make it a good week!

Author: Ellen Kolb

New Hampshire-based writer, activist, hiker.