First vote on Griffin’s Law coming up; sponsor warns of move to “gut it”

The members of New Hampshire House’s Criminal Justice and Public Safety committee will go on record next Thursday on Griffin’s Law. (More on the bill here and here.)  Chief sponsor Rep. Leon Rideout is concerned about a move to weaken the bill. He has already identified committee member Rep. David Huot of Laconia as someone working to accommodate NARAL’s and NHCLU’s objections to the bill.

From today’s post on Rideout’s Facebook page, written in the hasty style of a man in a hurry:

HB 1503 #Griffinslaw will Have an Executive Session Thursday February 20th where a stooge for a well funded special interest group will attempt to amend the bill and effectively gut the purpose for the bill I still need as many as possible to E mail the criminal justice committee and tell them to forward HB1503 as OTP with out amendment will let you e mail all members of the committee with one e mail. 

Direct Emails made a difference last week on HB 1589 it prevented a Bad Bill from moving forward Lets now see if we can move a Pro Family Bill forward and thwart another big money special Interest Group. Tell all you Representatives to stand with NH Families and not Special Interest Groups.

“OTP” is “ought to pass,” as opposed to “ITL” or “inexpedient to legislate.”

There are five full days between now and the committee vote. That won’t be the end, even if the committee accepts a gutted bill or goes ITL altogether. In the Granite State, every bill gets a floor vote. The full House will likely get the bill the first week in March.

Author: Ellen Kolb

New Hampshire-based writer, activist, hiker.