How to promote assisted suicide, accidentally

The next time you hear or read anything from “Compassion and Choices” (founded as the Hemlock Society) about how many people want to see assisted suicide legalized, cry foul.

Watch this message from a pro-life woman who signed an online petition, not knowing that her name was being collected by C&C to be used in promoting assisted suicide – something to which the woman is 100% opposed.

A Petition Without Choices // Full Video from Katie on Vimeo.

How many legislative hearings will C&C representatives attend next year? How many legislators will be told that X number of constituents have signed a pro-assisted-suicide petition? And how many of those constituents will have unwittingly lent their names to an assisted suicide campaign?

(h/t Caffeinated Thoughts)

Author: Ellen Kolb

New Hampshire-based writer, activist, hiker.

2 thoughts on “How to promote assisted suicide, accidentally”

  1. To all Pro-Life citizens : We live in an age of lies that those with deadly left wing agenda’s will use to advance the culture of death. Fraudulent petitions are a means of deception the left will use to support their deadly agenda.

    1. Exposure of the fraud is causing the inaptly-named “Compassion & Choices” some embarrassment. Good. Also, I’m happy that the anti-assisted-suicide effort is uniting people all across the political spectrum. Who knows where that might bear unexpected fruit?

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