“Hush” documentary DVD to be released soon

Hush promoLast April, I wrote about an enlightening and disturbing documentary called “Hush” that was screened at a local conference. The film is a joint effort by a pro-choice filmmaker and a pro-life producer to examine abortion and its effect on women’s health, and to do so without being distracted by political concerns. Their discoveries inspired the title of the film, as they found that some valuable science-based information seems to be “hushed up” and unavailable to abortion-minded women.

Watch the film’s trailer at this link. The DVD comes out on July 1.

The woman who made this film still considers herself pro-choice, but her own findings surprised and unsettled her.  I admire her honesty and her quality filmmaking.

Special screening licenses are available for showing the film to groups. Learn more about that on the film’s web site.

You’ll be seeing reminders about “Hush” on Leaven’s social media feeds, and I hope you’ll share them. The film’s tagline is “Start a healthy conversation.” This documentary is a good way to do just that, no matter what the viewer thinks about abortion.

Author: Ellen Kolb

New Hampshire-based writer, pro-life activist, hiker.