“Life is a Fact, Not an Opinion”

Ever had one of those days when you thought your audio recorder was working, and it turned out it wasn’t? That happened to me the other day when I was supposed to be covering a New Hampshire GOP press conference for a blog to which I’m a contributor. Among the speakers was a retired state rep, Dan Itse, who gave a pro-life speech of rare passion for a party event. I went home eager to transcribe it, and…nothing. (Note to self: store electronics in an inner pocket on 20-degree days.)

Fortunately, GraniteGrok.com posted video, preserving the speech. The Honorable Mr. Itse was inspired – more like goaded – by remarks from the Governor of Virginia indicating acceptance of the idea of infanticide for children surviving abortion. Mr. Itse takes a different view.

Ladies and gentlemen, my friends, you’re probably wondering why Governor Northam was so overjoyed at that legislation in Virginia. I believe that it was because it ratified what he had probably been doing for years. His voice was one of experience, not conjecture….New Hampshire must send representation to Washington, D.C. that knows life is a fact, not an opinion. If we can’t do that, then God save us.

Read the full speech at GraniteGrok.

Author: Ellen Kolb

New Hampshire-based writer, activist, hiker.

2 thoughts on ““Life is a Fact, Not an Opinion””

  1. Rep. Itse did a great job and so did former Speaker Bill O’Brien. All in all, it was an incredible press conference by our new State GOP Chairman who had the courage to call out our Congressional and Senatorial delegation for not speaking out on these important issues. Although it was a brutally cold day to be standing outside at Victory Park, I was glad I could be there to support this effort and although our hands and faces were cold, our hearts were warmed by these pro-life warriors, and I was happy to see you there too Ellen!

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