Postscript to NH House buffer zone vote: the hard-liners

Reps Hall (800x600) (640x480)So the NH House passed the buffer zone bill, 162-100. See the roll call for the “ought-to-pass-as-amended” motion here. Have you called your state senator yet to ask for a “non-concur” vote on SB 319?

There were ten roll call votes on the bill when it came to the House floor, most on procedural matters. (See the docket here for more information.) Along with the main vote, there were three others that I found very interesting: two that would have applied buffer zones to other businesses, and one to limit debate to 30 minutes per side (including questions).

There are 121 state representatives who managed to go 0-for-4, all in one day. They voted to nullify the First Amendment outside abortion facilities. They twice voted to keep “buffer zones” a special privilege accorded to abortion providers. They voted (unsuccessfully) to limit debate. They are the hardest of the hard-liners. 

Here they are. 117 Democrats and 4 Republicans, if anyone’s counting.

Belknap County

David Huot D Laconia
Ian Raymond D Sanbornton


Carroll County

Edward Butler D Hart’s Location
Tom Lavender D Brookfield


Cheshire County

Richard Ames D Jaffrey Cheshire
Paul Berch D Westmoreland Cheshire
Cynthia Chase D Keene Cheshire
Daniel Eaton D Stoddard Cheshire
John Mann D Alstead Cheshire
Timothy Robertson D Keene Cheshire
Tara Sad D Walpole Cheshire
Marjorie Shepardson D Marlborough Cheshire
Bruce Tatro D Swanzey Cheshire
Lucy Weber D Walpole Cheshire
Charles Weed D Keene Cheshire
Harry Young D Jaffrey Cheshire


Coos County

Marcia Hammon D Whitefield Coos
William Hatch D Gorham Coos


Grafton County

Susan Almy D Lebanon Grafton
Bernard Benn D Hanover Grafton
Mary Cooney D Plymouth Grafton
Susan Ford D Easton Grafton
Laurie Harding D Lebanon Grafton
Patricia Higgins D Hanover Grafton
Catherine Mulholland D Grafton Grafton
Sharon Nordgren D Hanover Grafton
George Sykes D Lebanon Grafton
Andrew White D Lebanon Grafton


Hillsborough County

Robert Backus D Manchester Hillsborough
Pamela Brown D Nashua Hillsborough
David Campbell D Nashua Hillsborough
Shannon Chandley D Amherst Hillsborough
Evelyn Connor D Weare Hillsborough
Linda DiSilvestro D Manchester Hillsborough
Richard Eaton D Greenville Hillsborough
Ruth Gage D Goffstown Hillsborough
Sylvia Gale D Nashua Hillsborough
Jeffrey Goley D Manchester Hillsborough
Brenda Grady D Merrimack Hillsborough
Mary Heath D Manchester Hillsborough
Ruth Heden D Milford Hillsborough
Martin Jack D Nashua Hillsborough
Jean Jeudy D Manchester Hillsborough
Angeline Kopka D Nashua Hillsborough
Peter Leishman D Milford Hillsborough
Melanie Levesque D Brookline Hillsborough
Mariellen MacKay D Nashua Hillsborough
Jonathan Manley D Bennington Hillsborough
David McCloskey D Manchester Hillsborough
Michael O’Brien D Nashua Hillsborough
Cindy Rosenwald D Nashua Hillsborough
Janice Schmidt D Nashua Hillsborough
Gilman Shattuck D Hillsborough Hillsborough
Stephen Spratt D Greenville Hillsborough
Daniel Sullivan D Manchester Hillsborough
Peter Sullivan D Manchester Hillsborough
Robert Walsh D Manchester Hillsborough
Kermit Williams D Wilton Hillsborough
David Woodbury D New Boston Hillsborough


Merrimack County

Caroletta Alicea D Boscawen Merrimack
Christy Bartlett D Concord Merrimack
Candace Bouchard D Concord Merrimack
Clyde Carson D Warner Merrimack
Frank Davis D Pembroke Merrimack
Karen Ebel D New London Merrimack
Mary Frambach D Epsom Merrimack
June Frazer D Concord Merrimack
Barbara French D Henniker Merrimack
Mary Gile D Concord Merrimack
Paul Henle D Concord Merrimack
Jane Hunt D Concord Merrimack
David Karrick D Warner Merrimack
Sally Kelly D Chichester Merrimack
David Kidder R New London Merrimack
James MacKay D Concord Merrimack
Mel Myler D Contoocook Merrimack
Dick Patten D Concord Merrimack
Mario Ratzki D East Andover Merrimack
Chip Rice D Concord Merrimack
Gary Richardson D Hopkinton Merrimack
Stephen Shurtleff D Penacook Merrimack
Alan Turcotte D Allenstown Merrimack
Mary Jane Wallner D Concord Merrimack
Rick Watrous D Concord Merrimack


Rockingham County

Elaine Andrews-Ahearn D Hampton Falls Rockingham
Ronald Belanger R Salem Rockingham
David Borden D New Castle Rockingham
Michael Cahill D Newmarket Rockingham
Timothy Copeland R Stratham Rockingham
Robert Cushing D Hampton Rockingham
Robert Elliott R Salem Rockingham
Frank Heffron D Exeter Rockingham
Barbara Helmstetter D Epping Rockingham
Marcia Moody D Newmarket Rockingham
Laura Pantelakos D Portsmouth Rockingham
Donna Schlachman D Exeter Rockingham
Thomas Sherman D Rye Rockingham
Mary Till D Derry Rockingham
Gerald Ward D Portsmouth Rockingham
Lisa Whittemore D Londonderry Rockingham


Strafford County

William Baber D Dover Strafford
Peter Bixby D Dover Strafford
Rachel Burke D Farmington Strafford
Anne Grassie D Rochester Strafford
Dorothea Hooper D Dover Strafford
Naida Kaen D Lee Strafford
Dennis Malloy D Barrington Strafford
Amanda Merrill D Durham Strafford
David Miller D Rochester Strafford
Robert Perry D Strafford Strafford
Rose Marie Rogers D Rochester Strafford
Deanna Rollo D Rollinsford Strafford
Peter Schmidt D Dover Strafford
Judith Spang D Durham Strafford
Audrey Stevens D Rochester Strafford
James Verschueren D Dover Strafford
Janet Wall D Madbury Strafford


Sullivan County

John Cloutier D Claremont Sullivan
Suzanne Gottling D Sunapee Sullivan
Virginia Irwin D Newport Sullivan
Linda Tanner D Georges Mills Sullivan

Author: Ellen Kolb

New Hampshire-based writer, pro-life activist, hiker.