On this date in 2009: the death of Karnamaya Mongar

Four years ago today, a 41-year-old Asian immigrant went to Kermit Gosnell’s Philadelphia abortion facility to have her advanced-term pregnancy terminated. She died the next day after a drug overdose administered by Gosnell’s staff. Her death led to one of the convictions for which Kermit Gosnell is now in prison.

Her name was Karnamaya Mongar, a married woman, already a mother and grandmother. She came to the United States from a refugee camp in Nepal. Yes, she was determined to abort her child, but she had no reason to expect she’d be drugged to death – a death made inevitable by the inability of emergency responders to get her out of the cluttered building, once Gosnell’s staff finally noticed that Mongar was unresponsive.

Let the grand jury report on Gosnell’s activities speak for itself. The account of Mongar’s death begins on page 6. In part:

Gosnell set up his practice to rely entirely on the untrained actions of his unqualified employees. They administered drugs to induce labor, often causing rapid and painful dilation and contractions. But Gosnell did not like it when women screamed or moaned in his clinic, so the staff was under instruction to sedate them into stupor.

May she and her unnamed child rest in peace. Don’t forget them. Don’t let your legislators and health departments forget them, either.

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Author: Ellen Kolb

New Hampshire-based writer, pro-life activist, hiker.