The Mandate Gets Attention From an Unexpected Source

The Mandate Gets Attention From an Unexpected Source

Leaven has never before linked to Politico, of all news sites, but it recently posted this interesting article about the Patient “Protection” and “Affordable” Care Act. Obamacare’s attack on religious liberty via the HHS mandate deserves this scrutiny. The lawsuits against the mandate are mounting in spite of the Supreme Court’s astounding decision upholding PPACA. 

“Women’s health vs. free exercise of religion” is a ridiculous section heading, but Politico’s editors are hardly the only people who consider opposition to the mandate to be an attack on women’s health. Even so, their overview of the lawsuits challenging the mandate is going to bring the debate to people who haven’t considered both sides until now. I give high marks to that effort.

Gratitude, Even In November

From today’s National Review Online, this link will take you to a collection of brief reflections on gratitude. One writer in particular struck me. From Edward T. Mechmann:

“While our modern media tend to concentrate on the big picture, the reality is that a true Culture of Life is the product of a myriad of decisions made on the personal, individual level….Such small steps are invisible to our media culture, but plain to see for those who look in the right place. By the grace of God and the cooperation of everyday people, a Culture of Life is being built within the ruins of our age, one heart and one life at a time. That gives us great cause for thanksgiving.”