James O’Keefe returns to NH; dust settles in TX; Hobby Lobby news: pick of the web 7/19/13

James O’Keefe’s get-out-and-do-it attitude toward citizen journalism helped inspire me to get Leaven going a year ago. O’Keefe will be back in New Hampshire for a book-signing at a fundraiser for the New Hampshire Federation of Republican Women next Tuesday, July 23. This event has a price tag, but if you’re interested, get the details here. O’Keefe is not a gentle soul (l’enfant terrible comes to mind), but he sure is fun to hear. 

LifeSiteNews has provided excellent coverage of the events in Texas leading up to passage of limited abortion regulation. To catch up, start here and follow links to related stories.

Just today, Hobby Lobby Inc. was granted a temporary exemption from the HHS mandate. The owners of this business have been among the leaders in resistance to the federal government’s attempt to force employers to help provide services that violate the employers’ religious beliefs. This is an ongoing story, and not every update is encouraging – but this one certainly is.

Author: Ellen Kolb

New Hampshire-based writer, pro-life activist, hiker.