Regina Birdsell, NH State Senate District 19

Regina Birdsell, candidate for NH state senate (photo:
Regina Birdsell, candidate for NH state senate (photo:

Derry, Windham and Hampstead are electing a new state senator next month. On the ballot are Democrat Kristi St. Laurent – local Dem town committee chair, planning board member, owner of a Facebook page nearly issue-free except to say she likes teachers’ unions and dislikes right-to-work – and Republican Regina Birdsell. Regina’s a two-term state rep from Hampstead. I’ve seen her in action at the State House. I hope she gets to come back as a senator.

A few things you ought to know about Regina:

  • She supported the language of Griffin’s Law as it was introduced – a genuine fetal homicide bill.
  • She voted against the buffer zone and its attempt to nullify the First Amendment
  • She voted yes on parental notification, yes on the partial-birth abortion ban, yes on death penalty repeal.

Her opponent? No record on “buffering” the First Amendment, parental involvement, or late-term abortion.

Regina’s campaign web site:¬†

Author: Ellen Kolb

New Hampshire-based writer, pro-life activist, hiker.