My September pitch to readers: if you liked the primary, you’ll love the general

Candidates are after you for donations. (I know this because they’re after me, too.) I propose an alternative in these weeks before the election: support your local pro-life blog.

Judging from the jump in viewership on the blog around primary election day, Leaven for the Loaf had something readers weren’t finding elsewhere in campaign coverage. From interviews with U.S. Senate candidates Jim Rubens and Bob Smith to conversations with state senate candidates, every post with a bearing on the 2014 campaign saw a spike in views leading up to primary day, September 9. In addition, the blog’s September 8 newsletter about state representative candidates got more circulation than any previous Leaven newsletter.

I can take a hint. Count on more coverage of candidates before the general election on November 4. You’ll still find plenty of commentary here, along with reports on events like 40 Days for Life. The 2014 election is clearly on the minds of New Hampshire’s pro-life voters, though. Those voters can count on Leaven.


Donations from readers help keep this enterprise going. I’m grateful for each PayPal donation, whether one-time or monthly, because I know there’s a lot of competition for your support. Your contribution to Leaven for the Loaf is not tax-deductible, but it helps defray the blog’s expenses.

Can you afford to donate five dollars? That will cover enough gas for a round trip to Concord when I’m covering hearings or rallies. Will you donate $100? That’s enough for one month of web hosting and technical support. Whatever you can afford, thank you.

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Promote your business or campaign to Leaven for the Loaf‘s readers

Well before the general election in November, you’ll be able to reach New Hampshire customers with an ad on this blog. Watch the blog and our Facebook page for more information. Candidates, if you want to engage with pro-life voters, make sure Leaven for the Loaf is part of your media buy.






Author: Ellen Kolb

New Hampshire-based writer, pro-life activist, hiker.