“Stop the presses”: reposted from ihavebreastcancerblog.com

I don’t think I’ve ever before linked to a blogger’s post about two other writers who wrote about yet another blogger. (Still with me?) This gets my seal of approval, though, and I offer it for your consideration. The writer is astute, funny, compassionate, and right on target.

http://ihavebreastcancerblog.me/2014/01/13/stop-the-presses/ (originally posted 1/13/14)

This one post manages to braid together several strands of thought for the culture-of-life tapestry.

  • There’s more than one “pro-life” way to face serious and ultimately terminal illness.
  • There’s always a meter running when someone gets cancer therapy.
  • There’s always someone to tell you you’re doing it wrong, whether “it” is living or suffering or dying.
  • Writers for the New York Times are at their peril when they pick on bloggers. OK, maybe I’m going too far with “pick on.” But it sure is fun to see a spirited comeback.


Author: Ellen Kolb

New Hampshire-based writer, activist, hiker.