Support In Unexpected Places

I ask my readers’ indulgence as I shamelessly swipe something from the latest update out of 40 Days for Life in Greenland, New Hampshire.

…I also got an update about the women from the Correctional Center who pray for our Greenland 40 Days for Life Efforts. The Godmother to one of the women forwarded  my 40DFL email in which I mentioned the women and their prayer support of our local 40 DFL efforts. The women were very encouraged by the connection they have to something outside their walls-the 40 Days for Life Greenland vigil!


No one is beyond prayer, and no one is beyond joining in prayer.

Of course, the fellowship from the women in the correctional center means that someone talked to at least one of them about 40 Days for Life and its peaceful witness against abortion, and that person talked to others, and so on. It started with one person.

Might you be such a person? Are there people in your life who don’t yet know about 40 Days for Life? You never know whose heart may be ready to respond.

There’s still time to join in the fall campaign, which runs through Sunday, November 4. Learn more at, and click on the green button that says “find a campaign” to find the one nearest you.

40dfl greenland don_mudge1 001 - Copy
40 Days for Life team, Greenland New Hampshire, February 2016. Photo by Don Mudge.

40DFL local opening events

The Spring 2017 40 Days for Life campaign begins on March 1, with kickoff events taking place next weekend.

Greenland, New Hampshire

Kickoff rally Sunday, February 26, 2 p.m. For more details, register for vigil hours at the Greenland 40 DFL page. The campaign takes place outside the Lovering Center.

Hand-embroidered sweater worn by one of the Greenland 40DFL volunteers.

Concord, New Hampshire

Kickoff event Saturday, February 25, 5:30 p.m. (following 4:00 Mass) at St. John the Evangelist Church activity center. (Christ the King Parish), 72 S. Main Street.

Beth Gaby
Beth Gaby, campaign leader for 40DFL Spring 2017 in Concord.

The official opening of 40 Days for Life will be at midnight on March 1, the very first hour of the worldwide campaign. (Or you could think of it as the end of the last evening of February.) Area Knights of Columbus will be praying from midnight to 1 a.m. To join them or to select your own vigil hours. sign up at the Concord 40DFL page. The campaign takes place outside the Equality Center, formerly known as the Feminist Health Center.

The Worcester, Massachusetts 40 Days for Life team is having its kickoff event on Sunday, February 26, in Medway, MA. Guest speaker will be Dr. Anthony Levatino. He is a physician, a lawyer, and a former abortion provider.

Worcester 40DFL Spring 2017


40 Days for Life podcasts

Did you know that the international 40 Days for Life team has a weekly podcast? Whether you’re a 40DFL veteran or someone who’s not yet familiar with the project, you’ll find something in the archives to inform and inspire you.

Here’s a sample: “10 Ways to Raise Awareness”


ICYMI: what’s happening with 40DFL locally – plus a campaign to support

40DFL Fall '15 midpoint rally, Manchester NH. Photo by 40DFL team from campaign's Facebook page.
40DFL Fall ’15 midpoint rally, Manchester NH. Photo by 40DFL team from campaign’s Facebook page.









Yes, another 40 Days for Life post. The only way to witness for life? Hardly. Here, now, in progress, committed to peace, in solidarity with people around the world? Definitely. Here are a few recent 40DFL posts and links you might have missed. Two weeks left in this campaign, by the way. That’s a hint.

  • Check out “The God you pray to doesn’t exist“, a post from Stephen Scaer of the leadership team in Manchester, NH’s campaign.
  • I missed the midpoint rally in Manchester on October 14, but 80 people didn’t. Eighty people! The photo with this post was taken at that event by the 40DFL-Manchester team, showing a few of the participants on the sidewalk outside Planned Parenthood’s Pennacook Street office.
  • FYI, print out this handy list of pregnancy help agencies in the Manchester area – another local 40DFL resource.
  • From the same web page: prayer prompts.
  • Closing rally for the Manchester campaign: Monday evening, November 2, 7:00-8:00 p.m. at the old school (Cartier St.) on the grounds of Ste. Marie Church. More info and RSVP details here. Guest speaker is Pastor Garrett Lear, most recently seen knocking the Governor and Council for a figurative loop when he gave the opening prayer (at Councilor Kenney’s invitation) at the August 5 meeting where PP’s contract was denied. That was fun.
  • While there is no 40DFL campaign on the Seacoast this fall, a group of pro-life New Hampshirites from Holy Rosary parish in Rochester and St. Leo’s in Gonic have committed to peaceful prayerful witness in front of the Lovering Center in Greenland on Sundays through November 8, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • A member of the national 40DFL team recently visited the Haverhill, Massachusetts campaign. Read how one man’s commitment has inspired others.

Concurrent with but separate from the 40 Days for Life campaign: And Then There Were None, a nationwide ministry to abortion workers who want to leave the industry, is having a crowdfunding campaign. More than 180 people have already moved on to new jobs with assistance from ATTWN, and three more workers contacted ATTWN just last week. This is a growing ministry. Lend a hand.

Graphic by And Then There Were None (
Graphic by And Then There Were None (




Mother Nature’s buffer

Winter observations: New Hampshire, like the rest of the region, is having an exceptionally snowy season. This coincides with the current 40 Days for Life campaign. While a Planned Parenthood lobbyist works the State House halls to urge legislators to keep the buffer zone law, her co-workers in Manchester are letting Mother Nature do the buffering. The sidewalk outside the Manchester facility looked like this when I arrived at 7 a.m. last Thursday for my vigil hour.

Sidewalk at 24 Pennacook Street in Manchester NH, 2/19/15. Planned Parenthood office is on the right.
Sidewalk outside PP in Manchester NH, 2/19/15. Planned Parenthood office is on the right.

Everyone has it tough with all the snow this month. But somehow, I’m not surprised I found this particular sidewalk in the shape it was in last Thursday.

Note the path carved out in the middle of the snowpile. That was done by a member of the local 40DFL leadership team on Wednesday, first day of the 40DFL campaign. Six inches of snow fell after he did the shoveling. What you see in the photo is what I found the following morning. See the wall of snow at the end of the walkway? The other side of that wall is the entrance to the PP patient parking lot. That tells me that the snow was piled there sometime between Wednesday morning and Thursday morning.

Buffer, anyone?

When I saw the situation Thursday, I did my best to clear a few parking spaces at the edge of the street, knowing that Thursday is a big day for sidewalk counseling at the facility year-round, independent of 40DFL. Later in the day, another volunteer took a crack at clearing the sidewalk on PP’s side of the street. One has to be careful to move the snow into the pile – the wall, really – between sidewalk and street. It’s illegal to shovel the snow into the street, just as it’s illegal to trespass on PP property.

PP employee lot was plowed, presumably by a contractor. Where did the contractor put the snow?
PP employee lot was plowed, presumably by a contractor. Where did the contractor put the snow?
From the opposite direction of top picture in this post: PP, the buried sidewalk, the edge of Pennacook Street.
From the opposite direction of top picture in this post, from left to right: PP, the buried sidewalk, the edge of the street.
Pennacook Street across from PP, 2/19/15.
PP’s employee lot on the left, residences on the right, a more-or-less two-way street in between.

The day after these pictures were taken, a citywide even-side-only parking rule went into effect to allow plows widen the streets a bit more. At least one of PP’s neighbors is making inquiries to the public works department about who is responsible for keeping the sidewalk passable. As I said, everyone has it tough while this weather pattern holds.

The snow will melt eventually. With or without it, 40DFL continues.