Gallery: Day of Witness at Manchester & Derry Planned Parenthood

As a coalition of groups around the country called for a day of protest outside of Planned Parenthood facilities on April 23, New Hampshire Right to Life organized events near PP offices in Manchester and Derry.

No buffer zones were posted at either location. An officer in a ┬ápolice cruiser monitored the Manchester event from a nearby parking lot, but there was no counter- demonstration to the peaceful pro-life witness on Pennacook and Elm Streets. Derry’s event was at the intersection of Birch Street and Broadway, a high-visibility intersection a short block away from PP’s Derry office.

from Abby Johnson: PP’s abortion quotas

From And Then There Were None, Abby Johnson’s project for former abortion facility workers, comes this damning video about Planned Parenthood’s abortion business. That’s where the money is, apparently. I join Abby in urging you to share this far and wide.

And Then There Were None. from Abe Films on Vimeo.