Do you have an adoption story to share?

logo hi resNovember is Adoption Awareness Month, and of course we ought to be mindful of adoption every month. I’d like to hear from my readers about your own adoption stories. If you are an adopted child, an adoptive parent, or a birthparent who chose adoption for her child, and if you’d like to share your story, I’d love to hear from you. We all have things to learn from each other. Email me at and we can have a conversation, or if you’d prefer, just send your adoption story – happy, sad, in-progress, whatever – and I’ll share it with gratitude and awe. Many thanks.

If you missed this wonderful post a year ago from Catherine Adair about her own family’s journey in adoption, treat yourself to it now. She kindly gave me permission to re-blog the story that she originally posted at her blog The Harvest is Abundant.

Feminists for Life has an ad that’s particularly apt this month. Check this link, and imagine this in your local college’s newspaper.

Videos: a homecoming queen promotes adoption, and women in VA fight for a pro-life candidate

I came across two short videos today that are too good not to share. Please, pass them on. One is about a woman who is seizing a unique opportunity to promote adoption, and the other is a reminder of what’s at stake in a Virginia election next month that could be a preview for the 2014 campaigns in other states.

First, here’s the video that Molly Anne Dutton made to promote her candidacy for Homecoming Queen at Auburn University. She won. She has a wonderful story as the daughter of a mother who chose life despite pressure to abort.

Second, here’s an ad being run by a group of pro-life women in Virginia operating independently of gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli and the Republican party. (I am having trouble embedding the video, so click on the link below to view the ad.) Cuccinelli is behind in the polls as his much-better-funded opponent is hammering him with the war-on-women theme. I think ads like this are the wave of the future for pro-life voters. If a party won’t get a message out, we have to do it ourselves.

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