NH life-issue bills take shape: Pick of the web, 12/27/13

Reps Hall (800x600) (640x480)I hope your Christmas Day was the beginning of a season of blessings!

WMUR’s Political Scoop for December 20 took note of Rep. Leon Rideout’s fetal homicide bill, HB 1503. The text is here. Rideout has been joined by five co-sponsors for this effort.

Rep. Kathleen Souza and nine co-sponsors are introducing HB 1501, the Women’s Health Protection Act, calling for licensing of outpatient abortion facilities. As the bill’s Findings and Purposes state, “Based on the fact that New Hampshire provides safeguards for women’s health through the licensing of hospitals, ambulatory surgical centers, walk-in care centers, birthing clinics, and other facilities providing medical services, it is the purpose of this act to further protect women’s health by the licensing of abortion clinics.” (I’ll have more on these bills next week.)

Some of this links I share are strictly for informational purposes. Others are pure delight and inspiration. This is one of the latter. I’m a fan of jazz and Christmas and the musings of Elizabeth Scalia (a pro-life powerhouse, among her other gifts), and they all come together in Duke Ellington and the Great Christmas Secret

State Rep. Al Baldasaro (R-Londonderry), tweeting at @Al_Baldasaro, announced on December 19 that he is considering stepping into the U.S. Senate race. Former U.S. Senator Bob Smith has already announced his intention to enter the GOP primary for the seat. Both have pro-life voting records.

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Hundreds March for Life in Concord

Not even forty years of Roe v. Wade can discourage or silence us.

Pro-life New Hampshire was out in force today in Concord, with people of all ages coming together to celebrate life and renew their commitment to moving past Roe. My thanks go to the New Hampshire Right to Life Committee for organizing and sponsoring the day’s events. By my count, I was one of 350 people filling the sidewalk on Main Street between the State House and St. John’s church. Many of my longtime friends and colleagues were there. They won’t mind when I say that as much as I love seeing them, I was overjoyed by all the new faces at the march. The pro-life movement is growing all the time. So many young people!  How can I not be full of hope?

Usually, the march goes south on Main Street, passing in front of the Feminist Health Center. This year, we were diverted around the block, for reasons which escape me. A couple of dozen abortion advocates stood near the FHC anyway with their signs and their chants. They had to chant for quite awhile. It took a half hour for the line of pro-lifers to pass a given point, since as always we obeyed the terms of the city permit: stay out of the street, and don’t block the sidewalk. You want 350 people walking two abreast? Works for me. Our message stays out there that much longer.

Who came? Young parents pushing kids in strollers. People in wheelchairs. State reps. Clergy and nuns (and why not, since the Reproductive Rights Caucus leader is so proud to be Catholic?). Church groups. High school & college students.  This is just a hint of what I know I’ll see in Washington in a few days. Enormously encouraging, all of it.