A look at upcoming bills

A legislative service request is the first step for a bill in New Hampshire. These LSRs will be taken by the legislative services staff at the State House and turned into the bills that will be formally introduced in January. The LSRs therefore give a clue to what’s ahead, although they don’t provide the actual text of a bill. More than 300 LSRs are already in the hopper for next session, with hundreds more likely to come.

Here are a few to keep an eye on. Intended sponsors are listed, and more may sign on before the bill-drafting process is through.

  • relative to induced termination of pregnancy statistics (LSR 2017-0057): Kathleen Souza , Daniel Itse, Jordan Ulery, Alfred Baldasaro, Steven Beaudoin, Glenn Cordelli, David Murotake, Linda Gould, Carl Seidel
  • including a viable fetus in the definition of “another” for purposes of certain criminal offenses (LSR 2017-0085; this will be fetal homicide): Jeanine Notter, Daniel Itse, Peter Hansen, Linda Gould
  • expanding the death penalty to cover persons who knowingly cause the death of a child (LSR 2017-0154): Werner Horn
  • repealing the death penalty (LSR-0210): Renny Cushing
  • relative to banning abortion after viability (LSR 2017-0184): Keith Murphy
  • buffer zone repeal (LSR-0316): Kurt Wuelper