EMILY’s List makes its Choice for N.H. Governor: Molly Kelly

Fresh off a victory by its preferred candidate in the Manchester mayoral election, EMILY’s List has announced that it is throwing its endorsement and cash into the New Hampshire governor’s race in support of Molly Kelly.

Kelly is a Democrat and a former state senator from Keene (district 10). I was in the Senate gallery on several occasions as she spoke against fetal homicide legislation and in favor of the buffer zone law.

Her formal statement in response to the EMILY’s List endorsement, as reported by WMUR’s John DiStaso, includes the candid if clichéd declaration “I trust women to make their own health care decisions,” thereby smoothly assuming that abortion is health care – an assertion that the Republican incumbent has shown no inclination to dispute. Kelly adds, “As governor, I will defend funding for Planned Parenthood.” Well, so does the Republican incumbent governor, even though he strayed off the PP script once as Executive Councilor. That incumbent has already indicated that he’s running for re-election.

Kelly entered the Senate after winning a 2006 election over former Senate president Tom Eaton, who lost to her again in 2008 and 2010. In 2012, she won re-election by a 2-1 margin over her Republican challenger. In 2014, Republicans didn’t bother to put up a candidate against her. She retired after that term, and the district 10 state senate seat is now held by Democrat Jay Kahn.

NH Dems, a pro-life choice: Clecia Terrio

I got a call recently from Ross Terrio. He’s a former state representative from Manchester whose claim to pro-life fame is his sponsorship of the bill that became New Hampshire’s partial-birth-abortion ban. He’s running for that state rep seat again, by the way, on the Republican side.

But enough about him. This is about his wife, Clecia. Mr. Terrio called to let me know that Clecia, a Democrat, has filed for governor versus incumbent Maggie Hassan. Why? Because Clecia Terrio is a pro-life Democrat.  She’s offering an option to pro-life Democratic voters. She’s also giving an option to pro-life independent voters who lean Democrat on other issues.

I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Terrio. When I do, I’m going to shake her hand. It must get lonely in that party for anyone who’d like to see a little respect for human beings at all stages of development. Good for her.

Maggie Hassan is going to win that primary. Even so, everyone who picks up a Democratic ballot and looks at the candidates listed with Hassan will see one woman’s quiet declaration that there are still pro-life voters in the Democratic party.