A gentle reminder: support your local pregnancy aid center

Permit me to nudge aside some of the end-of-year charitable appeals in your inbox in favor of this: a reminder of some of the great agencies in New Hampshire that specialize in supporting women who are pregnant in challenging circumstances.

You’ll find pregnancy AND parenting support at these agencies, any of which would be very happy to receive your support as a donor or a volunteer.

This link offers contact information for every organization listed here. If you are aware of any updates, please let me know – thank you! Several of these agencies have Facebook pages with frequently-updated information about current needs.

Birthright has offices in Manchester, Derry, and Portsmouth.

CareNet has ten affiliates in New Hampshire.

Pennacook Pregnancy Center is just a block away from Planned Parenthood in Manchester.

New Generation in Greenland provides shelter for homeless pregnant and parenting women. In addition to having volunteer and donation opportunities for supporters, New Generation has its Second Generation Thrift Shoppe to provide an easy way for you to support the ministry.

Our Place, a ministry of New Hampshire Catholic Charities, supports young parents from pregnancy through the first three years of their child’s life.

When you look for local agencies that make a difference in the lives of New Hampshire families, be sure to keep these in mind.

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A way to support survivors who choose life

“I couldn’t imagine anything worse than co-parenting with my attacker.”

Shauna Prewitt said that to a New Hampshire Senate committee earlier this year. She’s an attorney, a rape survivor, and a mother. Her child was conceived through rape. Prewitt chose life. She was shocked when her attacker sought parental rights, and he dropped his request only after she agreed to stop seeking his conviction. That was years ago, and Prewitt now works to make sure no other woman will wind up in the same situation.

Prewitt was in New Hampshire in February to support Senate Bill 253. It would provide for termination of parental rights in cases where a parent has pled guilty to or is convicted of rape of the birth parent. The bill also provides that if parental rights have not been terminated in such cases, the court shall not require contact between the child and parent under RSA 461-a.

It’s May now. The Senate has just asked the House for a conference committee on SB 253. Let’s hope they come to terms soon.