An adoption fact sheet from The Radiance Foundation

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Graphic from The Radiance Foundation.
Graphic from The Radiance Foundation.

I think the text at the bottom is interesting, touching as it does on a New Hampshire public policy issue, abortion stats: “Sadly, there are no comprehensive federal statistics on adoption since 1992, when the National Center for Social Statistics was dissolved. To this day, states provide information only on a voluntary basis. We need federal legislation that makes both abortion and adoption reporting mandatory so we have an accurate picture of what is happening to the most vulnerable among us: our children.”

Ryan Bomberger at Values Voter Summit 2014
Ryan Bomberger of the Radiance Foundation, adoptive father and adopted son, speaking at the Values Voter conference in Washington, DC. (Ellen Kolb photo)

Mildred Jefferson remembered, courtesy of The Radiance Foundation

This very brief video tribute to about the late Dr. Mildred Jefferson was produced by the Radiance Foundation and distributed to mark the anniversary of Dr. Jefferson’s passing. Take a minute and be inspired.


“Never Be Silenced”: Ryan Bomberger on the power of words

Ryan Bomberger at Values Voter Summit 2014
Ryan Bomberger at Values Voter Summit 2014

“Never be silenced.”

That was Ryan Bomberger’s opening, not his conclusion, when he spoke to a room full of people at the Values Voter Summit in Washington this year. He had my attention from the start.

I had heard Bomberger once before, at the national March for Life, on a bitter and overcast January day. That was when I first heard of him and his Radiance Foundation. He deals in blunt truths delivered with exuberance and a wry sense of humor. His organization distributes bright, eye-catching handouts with large headings that make the reader stop short. That’s his style: upbeat, challenging, optimistic. “I self-identify as a person who loves the Lord and who loves people enough to tell the truth. Love illuminates.”

This attracted a lawsuit for "trademark infringement."
This attracted a lawsuit for “trademark infringement.”

He is biracial – “which gives me an interesting perspective on race” – which makes the fact that he’s being sued by the NAACP somewhat curious. The Alliance Defending Freedom has the story about Bomberger’s parody on the NAACP’s name, arising from a 2004 NAACP resolution defending the “right to choose.” The outcome of that piece of litigation ought to be interesting.

He is one of the human beings who could have been aborted under abortion-regulation laws with exceptions for pregnancies resulting from rape. “We need to defend ALL life.” He capitalized “ALL” simply by the force with which he uttered the word.

He wanted his Values Voters listeners to leave with a determination to speak up. “Silence is never an option. Words are revolutionary. That’s why evil does everything it can to silence those words. Remember, God spoke creation into existence. You never know whose shackles will fall off when you use the power of words.”

Never come after Ryan Bomberger as a speaker. If not for my notes, I’d have no idea who came next on the program. His speech is as fresh in my mind now as when I heard it in Washington last month. Quite a challenge, really: reclaim language from abortion advocacy and careless journalism, and use it along with prayer and action to celebrate and defend life.

Challenge accepted.

Note, 5/19/15: The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals unanimously ruled in favor of the Radiance Foundation in the lawsuit filed against the Foundation by the NAACP. 

Freebie for collegians; post-abortive dad speaks out; sidewalk advocacy: Pick of the web 12/20/13

WRZYG6AFG5AA The Human Life Review is the oldest journal of its kind, promoting a culture of life. I was a subscriber for many years. HLR wants to give FREE subscriptions to college students. If that’s you, send your name and a valid .edu email address to (h/t Ava Voissem)

On the heels of this week’s assisted suicide hearing in Massachusetts comes this news from National Right to Life about a move in France to legalize such “aid in dying.” 

Irene Ogrizek is a Canadian anti-euthanasia activist and, in her words, a committed leftist. She finds herself at odds with some of her liberal neighbors over respecting the lives of vulnerable people within shaky healthcare systems. In her post Buffet Liberals and Champagne Charlies, she casts a critical eye on end-of-life attitudes and practices in Canada and Belgium.

Jeff Bradford, a post-abortive father, has a mission. “I believe God is calling men to get involved and to stand up for the child and for women and make a difference, and really call us to be what God’s called us to be. And that’s protectors.” Read John Jalsevac’s profile of Bradford and his work. (h/t

A former leader of 40 Days for Life has launched a new ministry to train sidewalk counselors. Check out Sidewalk Advocates for Life. Signups for the first round of training will begin in February.

Give yourself a Christmas present by reading the blog posts from The Radiance Foundation. Ryan Bomberger’s post this week (“What Would {a Prochoice} Jesus Do?”) is an exceptional Nativity meditation.

I confess that this one came to me in the mail, not on the web: my most recent newsletter from the Birthright office closest to me reminds me of some of the things families in crisis could use this Christmas (and all year ’round). If you’re doing any shopping this last weekend before Christmas, consider picking up something as small as a box of disposable diapers or as large as a new car seat for babies. Take it to your nearest Birthright, CareNet, or crisis pregnancy center. Your church may have a collection point, too. and picked up Leaven’s report on the Massachusetts assisted suicide hearing.

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