Cecile’s Legacy

Originally posted at DaTechGuy blog, 5/2/18. The Twitterverse murmured #ThankYouCecile the other day to mark the end of Cecile Richards’s tenure leading the Planned Parenthood Federation of America. Hats off to the Babylon Bee for skewering that bit of social media hashtagging: “Woman Celebrated for Killing 3.5 Million People.” That satirical bull’s eye came just a few… Read More Cecile’s Legacy

Charlie Gard’s Human Rights

And now for something completely different, after a month filled with New Hampshire posts. Read this from Aleteia: “Charlie Gard case raises questions about medical treatment and parental rights.” Charlie Gard is an infant who at this writing is in a hospital in London, England. He was born severely ill with a “rare, fatal condition”… Read More Charlie Gard’s Human Rights

Resistance to prenatal ultrasounds is “non-negotiable”?

Pro-life Democrats are getting some national attention this week, courtesy of a party leader. The Washington Post has a commentary by Adam Blake about a declaration this week by the Democratic National Committee chairman, Thomas Perez. The occasion for Mr. Perez’s outburst was concern over a  Democratic candidate in Nebraska. DNC chairman Tom Perez Perez: “Every… Read More Resistance to prenatal ultrasounds is “non-negotiable”?

A small step in the right direction: less tax money to UNFPA

Cross-posted from my piece on DaTechGuy Blog, 4/5/17. President Trump’s State Department has told the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) to get along without U.S. financial support. There are people who think this is a bad idea. I’m not one of them. Neither is Reggie Littlejohn. I met Reggie very briefly a couple of years… Read More A small step in the right direction: less tax money to UNFPA