The early bird gets the vote (maybe)

Empty seats, waiting to be filled.
Empty seats, waiting to be filled.

Filing period for state office in New Hampshire runs from June 4-13. It’s never too early to line up support, though, at least according to a phone call I got this morning from a friend who’s a pro-life activist. She’s being approached by people running for higher office who are reminding her “I voted for your bills.” Not coincidentally, these early birds are the ones most likely to face a primary from other prolifers.

Line up support now, have those supporters on hand as a photo-op show of force on filing day, and thereby discourage anyone else from filing for the seat. Perfectly fair and legal.

But why the rush? Why commit to a candidate now, only to find out later that someone else with a better pro-life record (not necessarily political) wants to run for the same seat? I don’t think primaries are evil, although I do think that primary opponents who are on the same page on big issues ought to sit down together and agree to combine forces.

I’m in no hurry to endorse. I’ll wait until the filing period’s over, anyway. And I’m going to look out for people who vote pro-life but haven’t worked hard to promote pro-life bills. Hooray for them, but given the choice, I’ll take a pro-life leader over a pro-life follower any day.

Author: Ellen Kolb

New Hampshire-based writer, pro-life activist, hiker.

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    Its so wonderful to see a fellow New Englander. Your posts are quite interesting as they are relevant to New Hampshire, thank you. Hoe you also had a good Memorial Day. We also have a son in law that served in Afghanistan.
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