Two-minute warning: as videos pile up, PP leader to meet Congressional committee

David Daleiden speaking at Values Voters Summit 2015.. Photo by Ellen Kolb
David Daleiden speaking at Values Voters Summit 2015.. Photo by Ellen Kolb

Two minutes out of seventeen hours.

According to Katie Yoder, staff writer at the Media Research Center, two minutes of clips from the Center for Medical Progress undercover Planned Parenthood videos have been shown on network news programs, out of seventeen available hours of video. Yoder made the comment as she introduced CMP’s David Daleiden to an appreciative audience at the 2015 Values Voter Summit in Washington.

Those seventeen hours of videos will be much on the minds of U.S. House and Government Oversight Committee members as they question Planned Parenthood leader Cecile Richards today. (C-SPAN is expected to cover the hearing live.) Who on the committee has viewed the videos in full? Has Richards done so? Such hearings have been known to serve as megaphones for speeches written well in advance by Members of Congress and witnesses alike. Will new information come out? Will there be any movement toward privatizing PP, if its support is as broad and deep as Richards is wont to claim?

We’ll see. More likely, Richards will intensify her claim that the $528 million in taxpayer funds to her organization are amply justified.

Daleiden called that figure “unconscionable” in his Values Voter remarks. He is aware that PP supporters deny that the organization is committing “federal-level felonies,” but said “if you don’t believe it, you’re not listening hard enough.” See a video of his Values Voters speech on the video archive page on

He called millenials “the most pro-life cohort since 1973,” having grown up with civil rights movements, now “scandalized” by the treatment of human beings as property. “In this city [Washington], little human beings are being bought and sold” by Planned Parenthood. He said the CMP videos have demonstrated three things about PP: the organization sells fetal body parts; abortion providers in some PP affiliates change abortion procedures in order to acquire more valuable fetal specimens; and the national organization from Richards on down approves this activity.

“The worth of a human being is far more than the sum of his or her body parts. Carry these values forward. Continue to share these videos,” Daleiden concluded.

And let’s hope the government officials who keep Planned Parenthood in taxpayer clover watch more than two minutes of footage.

Author: Ellen Kolb

New Hampshire-based writer, pro-life activist, hiker.