A different sort of gift guide

From the Leaven for the Loaf Facebook page: as Advent winds down, let me suggest two gifts that you can give any time of year.


How many missing? A look at an abortion statistic

From the Daughters of Mary, Mother of Healing Love from Rochester, New Hampshire comes this video they’ve entitled “Save Our Country From Extinction.” We hear about abortion numbers, such as 50 million since Roe v. Wade. What does 50 million look like? ┬áHere’s one expression.

Quebec physicians warn of abuses in assisted suicide

Canada’s highest court handed down its Carter decision last February striking down the nation’s laws against assisted suicide and giving legislators twelve months to craft new rules and standards of oversight. The push to legalize active euthanasia is on. Quebec’s Coalition of Physicians for Social Justice has just released a video featuring a family’s appeal to keep that legalization from happening.

Keep this family in mind when assisted suicide legislation returns locally – as it will.

(My thanks to Nancy Elliott and the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition for bringing my attention to this video. Alex Schadenberg of EPC has a blog where you can find more information about the situation in Canada.)


The President’s recent shout-out to PP


On Twitter, columnist J.D. Mullane summed it up: “In time, video of Pres Obama invoking God to bless nation’s largest abortion provider during #Gosnell trial will stun.”

Almost as stunning, I hope, will be the casual and mendacious conflation of “abortion” with “health care.”