What are you doing for health insurance?

Photo: office.com
Photo: office.com

Not a blogging day, except to rant. It’s health-insurance-shopping time. (We’ve all gotten past the keep-your-plan lie, right?)

I want to have some kind of coverage, to insulate my family from possible catastrophic medical costs. I want to avoid Obamacare’s contraceptive mandate. Make that I want to spit in the mandate’s eye. I don’t want to participate in a program that funds elective abortions – and yes, Obamacare funds abortions. I haven’t forgotten September’s Government Accountability Office report.

My choices, as far as I can tell, are these:

  • Buy a plan on the exchange, and cross my fingers that my money isn’t used to pay for someone else’s abortion. There’s no state law here to keep that from happening.
  • Go without insurance and pay the piddling fine. That’s appealing given my income level, but it leaves my family too exposed to catastrophic costs. Also, paying the fine grants a little too much to Caesar, although I’m aware that’s not a settled point among my co-religionists.
  • Enter a health care cost-sharing program like CURO from Christ Medicus. Would I qualify? Can I afford a program that doesn’t cover a pre-existing condition? Of course, in view of the high deductible I’m paying under my current coverage (thanks again, Obamacare), cost-sharing may still be the economically sensible thing to do. It is absolutely the way to go to be sure my health care dollars don’t go to abortion.

This should be a simple matter of dollars and cents, but it’s not. I live in a country where divesting oneself from the abortion industry is becoming well-nigh impossible. I’m going to keep trying.

End of rant. Back to crunching the numbers and discerning the best course.

Readers, what are your thoughts as open enrollment time approaches?

Author: Ellen Kolb

New Hampshire-based writer, activist, hiker.

3 thoughts on “What are you doing for health insurance?”

  1. I just got my notice that my premium is going up… again. I’d like to see what others post here, too. I often wish I had done an HSA-type plan several years ago. I wasn’t wanting to shop around, but I may need to.

  2. Due to rising health insurance costs per month – $223 to $350 for a single payer – and the inclusion of abortion as health care I went with medical-sharing. I’ve been a member of Medi-Share since September. So far I like it. I get a “bill” for my monthly sharing and who my money is going to help. However, I am overweight and therefore was enrolled in their Restore program, increasing my “bill” by $80. I have a health coach am on a plan to lose weight. I have not needed to use this plan yet but if I do I get to “keep my doctor” unlike Obama’s plan. It’s worth looking into.

    1. It’s good to hear from someone who has a bit of experience with a cost-sharing plan. I really am tempted to shift to that.

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