What Dr. Gosnell and Mr. Ridge have in common

Four years ago today, abortionist Kermit Gosnell’s “Women’s Medical Society” in Philadelphia was raided. Law enforcement officials went in there expecting to find evidence of illegal prescription drug activity. The whole world now knows what they found: a place where women were harmed and where babies who survived abortion had their spines snipped.

In related news, former Pennsylvania governor Tom Ridge will be in New Hampshire later this week to participate in an event for the Strafford County GOP.

Related? Yes. From the grand jury report on Gosnell:

The [Pennsylvania] Department [of Health] had contact with the Women’s Medical Society dating back to 1979, when it first issued approval to open an abortion clinic. It did not conduct another site review until 1989, ten years later. Numerous violations were already apparent, but Gosnell got a pass when he promised to fix them. Site reviews in 1992 and 1993 also noted various violations, but again failed to ensure they were corrected. But at least the department had been doing something up to that point, however ineffectual. After 1993, even that pro forma effort came to an end. Not because of administrative ennui, although there had been plenty. Instead, the Pennsylvania Department of Health abruptly decided, for political reasons, to stop inspecting abortion clinics at all. The politics in question were not anti-abortion, but pro. With the change of administration from Governor Casey to Governor Ridge, officials concluded that inspections would be “putting a barrier up to women” seeking abortions. Better to leave clinics to do as they pleased, even though, as Gosnell proved, that meant both women and babies would pay.

Do I want the Strafford County group to send Mr. Ridge packing? No. Treat him to some New Hampshire hospitality (and hand him a snow shovel while he’s here). Have a successful fundraising event. Then use those funds to help elect pro-life legislators.

Author: Ellen Kolb

New Hampshire-based writer, activist, hiker.